Our online classes and courses focus on upper intermediate to advanced level language, helping you to speak more fluently and become more independent while motivating you at the same time.
We can also help you with real-life language, giving you helpful exercises based on your strengths and weaknesses. We can also offer you solutions if your problem is finding time to learn.
Justin Noppé started helping students study English in 2005, he has helped learners all over the world, from all different situations to advance their English.  He has the Cambridge CELTA and Cambridge DELTA  qualifications. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Portsmouth.
We help students like you online to advance your speaking and increase your level.

Speaker at the IATEFL 2015 conference.

London representative
for the ‘English is great’ British Council & English UK Brazil 2015 campaign.

Speaker/ forum leader at IATEFL 2016 conference.

Speaker at the Innovate in ELT 2016 conference.