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Don’t let your hard work be for nothing, keep your skills sharp.
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How does this lesson help?

By using a popular video:

  • you will see language in a natural context
  • you will learn vocabulary that you might not learn in normal lessons
  • you will see grammar which is not traditionally taught but can be seen everyday.
  • you will receive instruction how to study this language over one week.
  • you will be able to ask any questions you have to a real teacher.

“Justin has a different teaching method and I still remember how intense his lessons were. With him I really improved my level.”
– Ophélie

Who is this lesson for?

This lesson is perfect for you if:

  • you already have an intermediate level of English
  • you don’t go to a school or have a tutor to teach you more English
  • you go to a school but you want more English.
  • you are interested in keeping the English that you have already developed.
  • you are worried that you are losing your English.

“Don’t expect Justin to bombard you with loads of phrasal verbs and idioms, trying to impress you like some other teachers do. Instead, he is more like a coach who trains you how to integrate what you’ve learnt into your speaking. Simply put, he doesn’t just teach you English, but how to learn and use it for effective communication!”
– Chan


How to best use this lesson?
  1. Have 30 minutes per day of free time for one week.
  2. Log in to the lessons on this website.
  3. Do the homework in the emails on the day you receive them.

“Justin was a very enthusiastic teacher. His lessons were dynamic and super fun . We learnt while having fun at the same time”
– Sofía

Lesson details.

This lesson is made of:

  • A grammar section, with a video explaining the grammar and a quiz to test your understanding.
  • A vocabulary section, with a video explaining the vocabulary and a quiz to test your understanding
  • A study section with tutorials on how to study in the coming days, and a sign up form to receive emails which will give you homework.
  • 5 emails (1 email per day) giving you study assignments.
  • A final video where all the questions will be answered.

“Justin’s lessons are my cup of tea; energetic, interesting and not boring at all, I do recommend to have a try!”
– Beatriz

“Justin is the kind of teacher that always tries to make his students advance. We don’t learn only grammar or vocabulary, we learn how to communicate. It was impressive and fun enough to make me think that Justin is the best teacher I’ve ever had! All that is left to say is thank you.”
– Laíse