IATEFL 2016 presentation (learners’ version)

A few ways to improve your speaking skills!

Everyone wants to speak better.
The successful people have techniques, exercises and do the hard work.
If you do the hard work but without the techniques, can you still become a good user of English?

Be careful!

Having a conversation is not practice! It is a test of your ability. Especially the conversations that you are interested in. You will not notice mistakes after a while and you will stop trying to use new vocabulary and grammar because you are too interested in the conversation.

The best ways to improve?

Copy complex language that you want to use in your speaking. Be careful to take a complete sentence. If you practise one word, your brain will give you one word when you call for it. If you practise a sentence, your brain will give you a sentence when you call it. Steal good sentences.

Plan what you want to say. Sentence construction is the thing that most people need a lot of time for. Successful speakers have prepared what they want to say. You can do this in your head or write it down. Sometimes it is better to write it down because you can then edit and change your speaking much easier.

Repeat you sentence many times. You need to do something many times if you want to be able to do it without thinking. Think about something you can do automatically, riding a bike, making a coffee, and think about how many times you have repeated that to be able to do it automatically. Think about learning English in the same way.

Reflect on your language. Make a video of some of your speaking. Take a look at the things you do/ don’t do. Click here for a helpful pdf and click here to watch the video with the process explained a little better.

Happy studies



(You may want to turn down your volume. Apologies for my high recording volume.)