Have you been studying the easy way?

Don’t you hate it when the teacher gives you a long list of vocabulary to study? maybe 30 words, some of them verbs, some adjectives, some you are not sure of.
What do you do? You remember that you want to study English so that you can have automatic English conversation with great pronunciation and all of this without thinking about your language, you must learn this list.
You go home, make key cards with translations maybe (Don’t translate, check out this video for more), maybe with pictures, and you repeat all night long.

I always say that learning a language is the hardest thing you can do and that most language learners are the hardest workers I know. That’s why I want to help make the work much more efficient!

Studying a group of words makes life easy for your brain. Instead of pulling many words from your memory and putting them together, your brain only needs to pull 1 or 2 groups and put it together. Also, when you study groups, you study group pronunciation, which sounds more natural than perfect word pronunciation with no sentence intonation.

Make your learning easier by studying groups of words.

Which one is correct?

Phrasal verbs can be tricky. Remember to study all the words in them to use them correctly. Want to see more? Just google "3 part phrasal verbs" This group is "look forward to + ing"

Which one is correct?

Gerund or infinitives are difficult for learners because it needs more than understanding. It is like balancing things together. This group is "don't mind + ing" Want to see more? Just google "gerund or infinitive"

Which one is correct?

These short, two-part expressions are quite difficult because it doesn't change meaning and so learners think it's not so important to get right. But, if you get it wrong, people think you have not studied English. Want to see more? Just google "English binomials"

Which one is correct?

Adverb placement is tricky. Some adverbs can change places and some can't. Frequency adverbs used in the same way as this question are very normal in this place. Want to see more? Just google "English adverbs"

Which one is correct?

Linkers can be difficult. You must not mix them together, you must understand the meaning, and you must not use the wrong grammar. Want to see more? Just google "English linkers" This one is used like this "Despite + ing/ noun, Subject + Verb + Object"

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