Yumiko, Japanese speaker

“Before starting our lessons, I felt my English was horrible and it would take much long time to improve (my level was B1-B2). And after our lessons, I realized my English has improved a lot. When I was lazy to learn, Justin pushed me. It really helped me.”

  • “My learning and facing English have been changed since I joined our lessons. I used to be afraid if I didn’t know vocabularies and grammar.  The reason why I tried to learn a great deal of vocabularies and difficult grammar with books. Justin always teaches simply instead of difficult,complicated vocabularies and grammar that we wanted to use. I thought improving English needed knowledge, but I would say that needs knowledge and how to use it.”
  • “My weak point is speaking. In our lessons, we have lots of opportunities to speak sentences with partners. Repeating them is quite good way to improve speaking skills. And speaking homework he gave us helps me as well.”
  • “During our lessons, students are not allowed to use a dictionary and a pen. Those were really hard for me at the beginning of our lessons because I used to use them. When Justin started writing some sentences on the board, I felt the impulse to write down them on my note. But I realized I could focus on a lesson and remember what he explain after the lesson. It was amazing.”

Florian, Swiss-German speaker

“I remember thinking that the lessons were going to be similar as in school, so studying grammar and doing exercises in a course book. This kind of stuff. I was positively surprised afterwards when I realized that the things we looked at in class was actually helping me with my everyday English. “

  • “A lot of the time in school I had the feeling that parts of what we were doing was unnecessary and that I wouldn’t use those things any time again. And in our class this was different. I thought that I had really learned something that I could use besides school as well.”
  • “The students were given a lot of time for practising which was very good because we were able to actively use the theory we looked at before. This I really remember because I’ve had other teachers before who did only provide theory and not sufficient time for actually using it.”
  • “I also remember that I felt secure in the lessons, so I think he created a very good learning environment where no one had to be afraid of making mistakes which is essential. I think he spent a lot of time teaching us how English can work. I’m thinking about the importance of context that he mentioned several times. That you can always get a lot of information just from analysing the context of a sentence.”
  • “I would say the course was very effective in a sense that we learnt different methodologies for dealing with English. And again, as I mentioned before we did a lot of speaking practice which was effective in so far that it became natural for most of us to talk in English in a certain way and we did not have to think about it any more.”
  • “In terms of effectiveness I clearly remember the collocations. Learning five new ones every day and repeating the old ones. For me this really worked great. At the end of the course I was able to reproduce over a hundred collocations from memory. And I guess just becoming aware of how collocations work within the language helped me a lot at the actual exam.”

Catalina, Spanish speaker

“Thanks to our lessons, not only I felt very confident while sitting for the exam, but I also got a very good grade at it. Above all, when I think about our lessons I still remember them to be super fun, which I think it was one of the keys to make them that effective.”

“I studied English with Justin between Apr and Sept 2011, and from the beginning I had a clear goal: to sit for the CPE exam that same December. I remember that before starting the lessons, I felt that my English level at that point was very far from what I needed for CPE, I even was afraid that any teacher who would hear what my objective was, would tell me that it was impossible. However, the complete opposite happened with Justin: he made me take that leap of faith, and since day one he was very positive and helped me work towards my goal.
He taught me different techniques to learn idioms and English structures in a natural way, usually extracting the learning from a real situation/example, which make them very easy to remember and apply them back in self-constructed phrases in order to sound ‘native’. What I found wonderful about these techniques is that they are not only applicable to English studies, but also to almost any other language or subject you could think about. (he even helped me unveil the secrets of the rubix cube!)”
“The lessons that were held by Justin were special, in a very positive way. There were more ‘aha’ moments than in other teacher’s lessons. In addition, the way how Justin teaches a class is really interesting for students. That’s why we not only learn useful expressions, but also how English language is built. It provides a student with more ideas and inspiration of how to find an individual and effective learning method.

Repetition. That’s the key of effectiveness in learning new things. Justin explained some different ways of how we are able to remember things. For example making videos/records during speaking tasks, notice important expressions and repeat them frequently from time to time etc. Furthermore, my personal most effective method was to imagine a special circumstance. Let’s take the sample expression due to the fact that. If I use that expression I imagine how I am reading a newspaper (because it’s full of facts) and I smell new printed paper. It’s like a move in my head, that makes me remember what I’ve learned during Justin’s lessons.

Justin helped me in understanding how the whole language system functions. He explained me the various connections between the English grammar, vocabulary etc. There’s no other teacher who could explain such complex things to me, because they don’t spend time to study those areas. Moreover, Justin worked out an individual learning plan with me to develop my progress.

I felt comfortable because I’d been prepared for the lessons very well. Mostly I did the homework and repeated the things of the previous lessons. My class was a huge benefit of my learning progress as well. Before lesson and during breaks I could relax and enjoy the time with my classmates.

I use the English language in my daily work now, I still improve my skills. After the course in Wimbledon my English was much better than before. I never used a dictionary again I also went to South Africa and used there my english. I had no communication problems anymore. That was a fantastic experience. To talk to people very natural and not searching all the words.”

“I prefer Justin’s lessons because they focus on speaking much more. Repeating correct sentences many times. Other teachers have more text book exercises.

In the beginning, I was a little bit nervous cuz I wasn’t confident in my English.
In the end, I really enjoyed his lesson and communication with many many friends!
I found that positive feeling and positive attitude are so important in our human communication.”

“Justin’s lessons provided me an understanding what english language really is. It wasn’t just a grammar lesson, it was more a lesson how to use english in a real situation and how native speakers use the language. I learned which expressions are necessary in a particular situation and how to vary my language in order to omit standard sentences/expressions/vocabulary and to make our speaking more lively and interesting. Moreover, we learned how to pronounce and connect several words so that our speaking sounds more naturally. Another helpful aspect of this exercise was that we could improve our listening as he put our attention on these common phrases where a lot of words aren’t completely outspoken.
There were a lot more things we learned, but all in all and to shorten it a bit, his lessons helped me a lot in speaking and listening to ease the complexity of the English language and to widen my horizons”
“I’d like to start saying that I would have never expected to end up in that high level and, at first, I felt like a fish out of water. But then I started to know the others and Justin, and he instantly made me feel like I was in the right place; one of the things I loved the most was the fact that the relationship that he has with his students is different from the normal student-teacher interaction; he is able to create almost a friendship that makes students feel at ease and happy to come to class.
I also loved the fact that, with him and his method, learning is easier and more enjoyable than everywhere else. Studying vocabulary or grammar suddenly became funnier and we all know that when we have fun, we remember things more easily! For this reason, time was well invested because every occasion or every theme was good to learn something new! Even playing “werewolves” was useful to practice and learn new expressions! He managed to make interesting things that usually students don’t like, also by using specific memory techniques that I still find very helpful!
Justin’s lessons helped me also to become more confident because I knew that on the other side there was a teacher who was interested in what I was saying (and believe me, that doesn’t happen very often).
I remember that, before starting our lessons, I was afraid of speaking and making mistakes but, after the month I spent in his class, I felt confident and I felt that every opportunity was worth being taken to improve my English.”